7 Tips on how to make money on eBay in 2018?


Can you still make money on eBay?

Yes!  A big fucking YES!

I made $30,000 in my spare time in 1 year.

I still worked a full-time job.  I still had family commitments, and I was still able to hang out with my friends.  If I can make money on eBay, anyone can.

*** Hang around to tip number 5 for my secret on where to find cheap items to sell ***

Here are top eBay selling tips.

Tip 1 – Sell everything

Tip 2 – Be honest

Tip 3 – Take heaps of photos

Tip 4 – Watch your fees and postage costs

Tip 5 – Source cheap items to sell

Tip 6 – Use the eBay app

Tip 7 – Fast postage and handling times

Bonus Tip – Do product research

Tip 1 – Sell everything

Start selling whatever crap is laying around in the house you don’t use anymore.  I live by the motto

‘If I haven’t used it in the last 12 months, get rid of it’.  So I got rid of the wife  😆 😆

Seriously though, get rid of any junk you are not using.

Even broken stuff sells.  I’ve sold busted iPads that the screen was completely cracked.  I once sold five broken laptops that were seven years old, and I thought ‘Who the hell is going to buy this’.  Sure enough, it sold.

I ended up asking the guy what he was going to do with them, and he said he only wanted it for the batteries.  Go figure.  I would have never of thought of that.

I’ve even sold empty iPad boxes! (These are the easiest things to sell on eBay, I’m not even joking).

Tip 2 – Be honest

Now, this ties into the previous tip.

Be Honest!!!

If you start being dodgy with your customers two things will happen.

  1. You will get shit reviews
  2. People will stop buying from you

This tip especially applies when selling broken things.  Be very detailed about what’s broken on the item (and include photos of it in the listing).

For example:

Just say you have a broken TV and you are not a TV repairman.  So you don’t know what is wrong with it.  Just observe what it does do and place that in the description.  Write something like this ’TV won’t turn on, The red light appears on the power button, but the screen stays black’.

Make sure to use actual photos and not some generic ‘stock’ photo.

If you show a picture of this in your eBay listing


But this turns up instead….


You will have one very pissed off customer 👿 .   Speaking of photos, this takes us to our next tip.

Tip 3 – Take heaps of photos

Heard the phrase ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, well it’s true.

I just use my crappy android phone to take photos, and they look fine.

Again this ties into the previous tip.  You could write 300 words describing a broken monitor or insert one photo, I know what I would choose.

POWER TIP – Want to take professional looking photos of your eBay items?.  Hang a white bed sheet on your kitchen table as the backdrop and use a lamp with a ‘Daylight’ bulb for your lighting.

Tip 4 – Watch your fees and postage costs

eBay has a nickname used by all us sellers, ‘FeeBay’.

They charge like a wounded bull, but they get a shit-tone of traffic, so deal with it.

Know your selling fees, use the eBay calculator below to work this out (Choose based on your country).

USA – here

UK- here

Canada- here

Australia- here

Careful about calculating your postage.  Nothing worse than selling something and losing all your profit on postage.  Use flat-rate postage when you can.

I have created a Spreadsheet for you to track your costs and profit on items you are listing.  Subscribe to get it FREE.

Tip 5 – Source cheap items to sell

Want to find cheap things to sell for a profit on eBay?  Watch this video.

Here is my list of places to find bargains that you can resell on eBay.

  • Good-will stores / Thrift stores (Vinnies, Lifeline, Salvation Army)
  • Garage / Yard sales (look in the classifieds for these listings)
  • One dollar / Bargain Shops
  • Deceased estate sales

POWER TIP – Contact large schools, large retailers, manufacturers.  Sometimes these places are disposing of unwanted items; you can come in and pick them up for cheap or even FREE and resell for profit.  I made tons of money from this.

Tip 6 – Use the eBay app

Download the eBay app onto your phone.  Its available for iOS and Android.

Use it to research items when you are out and about.

Perfect example:

I was at EB Games on the weekend and The DVD Mad Max: Fury Road 4K version was only $2.  I pulled out my phone and opened the eBay app.  I used the barcode scanner that’s built into the app to scan the DVD barcode.


Up comes Mad Max selling for $36.  I bought the only 3 copies left in the store and Winner, Winner!!!

I made an easy $75 (after all costs were taken out).

It’s that easy to make money online.

Tip 7 – Fast postage and handling times

It’s as simple as this.

Send out things quickly, and your customers will love you and in turn, leave you a good rating.

Now let me be clear:

“A good eBay rating is so important”.

But Why?

Because a higher rating = More trust = More customers = More money.

So in summary….

Post items out same or next day for extra $$$.

Bonus Tip – Do product research

Remember in Tip 6 the eBay app I recommended.  Well, you can use that to do some product research.

After you have searched for an item.  At the top of the screen select ‘filter’ and scroll down to the bottom and turn on ‘Sold items’.  This shows what has sold instead of what’s selling.  If lot’s of these items have previously sold then you know there is a market for something.

This also helps you see what prices things have sold for previously, which helps you to decide a current price.


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